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Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision

A cluster of functions - administrative, educational and supportive - performed within the context of a positive relationship by an appropriately experienced professional. The ultimate objective of supervision is to deliver to clients/customers the best possible service, in accordance with your businesses policies and procedures, as well as meet the professional development and growth needs of professionals. [Kadushin, A.E. (1992)].

Professional supervision may be delivered in a variety of ways and will take into account a workers professional development needs, level of experience, roles and responsibilities.  Elements may include:

  • individual supervision via face to face contact, telephone, webcam etc.
  • group supervision sessions with a Professional Supervisor
  • peer supervision
  • case, theme or theory discussions with other team members, Line Manager and/or Professional Supervisor (if different to the Line Manager)
  • focus groups
  • mentoring
  • professional development

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