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Centacare North Queensland is committed to the provision of services that are respectful of the individual's intrinsic worth and dignity.

Counselling is confidential within the limits of legal and professional boundaries. This can be further clarified with the counsellor in the first session.

Your Counsellor

Each counsellor has a tertiary qualification in the social services field with practical experience in counselling. Counsellors are ethically bound to refer clients to other appropriate services; i.e. for issues that are outside their field of expertise or where the issue does not fit in within the guidelines of this program.


Employee Assistance Program

(Townsville, Mount Isa, Outreach to Burdekin, Charters Towers, Ingham)

Provides short term counselling, professional development, corporate coaching, and mediation services to organisations and their employees.

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FINANCIAL Counselling and Support Service

(Bowen, Mount Isa)

Provides financial counselling to individuals and families.

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Counselling Intervention Service

(Mount Isa, Outreach to Normanton)

Provides a range of culturally appropriate therapeutic interventions.

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Family and COMMUNITY Counselling

(Townsville, Mount Isa, Outreach to Burdekin, Charters Towers, Ingham)

Provides relationship counselling to individuals, couples and families with a focus on family and relationship issues.

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Gambling Help

(Townsville, Mount Isa, Outreach to Burdekin, Palm Island, Charters Towers, Ingham)

Provides counselling and support services for people with harmful gambling behaviours, their partners, families and friends (after hours and telephone counselling are available). Community Education Programs about minimising gambling harm are available for groups, community organisations, schools or businesses.

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Rosa Therapeutic Counselling Service

(Townsville, Outreach to Burdekin, Charters Towers, Ingham)

Provides therapeutic counselling to children and young people who have experienced harm.

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Centacare NQ Services Guide

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