Centacare NQ

Family Law Pathways Network

The Family Law Pathways Network (FLPN) is an initiative of the Australian Government Attorney General's Department, established to support people working in the family law system. 

Separating families often face a range of problems and need legal and non-legal advice and support. Our vision is a connected family law system, providing opportunities to learn and share information to:

  • break down barriers to collaboration; 
  • improve coordination between organisations operating in the family law system; and 
  • cultivate a shared understanding of professional roles within the sector. 

The North Queensland division incorporates Townsville, Charters Towers, Burdekin, Ingham, Mount Isa and surrounding districts and connects with 36 Family Law Pathways Networks across Australia. 

What is the FLPN for?

To provide a clear dispute resolution pathway for separating families, the family law system depends on cooperation between a range of entities: The Family Courts, The Community Sector, the Legal Profession, The Family Relationship Centre, Government Agencies and Department and the research sector. 

The Network also involves service providers not always seen as part of the family law system such as, Police, Centrelink, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Domestic and Family Violence, Multicultural, and Indigenous Services, Child Support and Protection, Family Counselling and Support, Housing and Education. 

For families making their way through this system, a clear pathway is formed when they understand their legal and non-legal options for resolving dispute, and can access services best suited to their situation. 

How can I be part of the NQ FLPN?

Bringing different disciplines together is central to the work of the FLPN. There are no membership conditions or fees. The only criteria for being part of the Network is that you work in the family law system, including allied services, ad have an interest in maintaining links with others. 

There are many ways you or your organisation can contribute to forming a more collaborative family law system - from simply sharing the latest information about your service, to attending FLPN events and participating in collaborative projects. 

Benefits of participating in the NQ FLPN

  • Access the latest information about services offered by other network practitioners.
  • Develop a complimentary service or outlook that values the contributions of others.
  • Develop inter-agency professional processes and practices.
  • Gain an understanding of programs, services, aims and approaches. 
  • Hear expert opinions on the latest research and developments in family law. 
  • Learn about the latest collaborative projects and news in family law. 
  • Meet other service providers and develop professional contacts. 
  • Share information on how family lawyers and post separation service practitioners work, including the challengers faced in practices. 
  • Take part in professional development and training activities. 
  • Understand the perspectives of practitioners working in different areas of family law. 

For more information about NQ FLPN or to become a member, please contact us via email: flpn@centacarenq.org.au