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Statement Regarding Centacare NQ Services

20th January 2022

20 January 2022

Thank you all for your understanding as we continue to adapt to the changing Covid-19 context in our local regions.

At Centacare NQ we value and prioritise the wellbeing of our staff and all people who use our services. We remain committed to delivering our services, with safety and wellbeing of all at the core of all measures implemented.

Our services will be offered with the following measures in place:

  • Masks are required at all times
  • We will ask people participating in services Pre-service screening questions, so that we can determine how best to provide services safely and effectively
  • Our staff will practice good hygiene around handwashing, and self-exclusion where appropriate to manage health and wellbeing of all
  • lncreased cleaning measures in our offices as well as preventative measures such as social distancing prompts in public areas and hand sanitising for all people coming into our offices
  • Managing our outreach services respectfully and safely; to respond to changing needs of remote regions and individual client needs
  • You may reschedule or cancel your appointment by emailing or calling ahead of time 1300 672 273 if you feel unwell.  We will support safe continuity of services wherever possible

For people attending our offices, we ask that you help us to maintain good practices around hygiene and health, if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, are feeling unwell, are awaiting Covid-19 test rest results, or potentially have compromised immunity, please call our office before your appointment so we can identify suitable service delivery arrangements.

The Senior Leadership Team of Centacare NQ thank all of our Staff, service users and the broader community for their support in helping us keep our services available in this challenging time.


Paula Washington

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