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FLPN Event - The Developing Brain

7th March 2024

Nathan Wallis – The Developing Brain

Workshop Overview:
This workshop is for those wanting a quick snapshot of brain development. In this presentation, Nathan will guide you through the stages of brain development from childhood to adulthood. Nathan will reveal little tricks to make parenting easier, and help you open up communication with your child in a way that actually encourages them to listen, develop and grow. You will walk away with a better understanding of how both you and your child's brain works - and this can only strengthen your relationships!

About his work:
Nathan Wallis is a father of three & foster parent with a professional background in child counselling, teaching and social service management. He lectured in Human Development at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand and was also a board member and senior trainer with the national body responsible for the dissemination of neuroscientific research to professionals. Nathan’s presentations explore how the brain works and how neuroscience can better inform our day-to-day interactions with children and young people. Information about the human brain (and how it grows to reach full potential) has exploded into our awareness over the past twenty years. The 1990’s were called the ‘decade of the brain’ and advances in scanning technologies allowed us to understand the workings of the brain like never before, showing us the huge significance of the early years and the critical role this period plays in defining later outcomes. These new findings often contradict many of the practices that parents, teachers, and other helping professionals have utilised in the belief that they are helping children. Nathan presents the practical implications of this research with a focus on how to use this knowledge to create better outcomes.

When: Friday 22 March 2024
Time: 9am – 4:30pm (Registration open from 8:30am)
Where: The Mercure, Burdekin Room
166-194 Woolcock St Service Rd, Currajong QLD 4812
Tickets: $125 (Full catering included)
Register at: Try Booking

Further details or enquiries:

FLPN Membership is free and open for anyone who works in the family law, separation and co-parenting space and interested in collaborating and strengthening relationships with practitioners. You can participate as you wish.


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