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Youth Taking Action

Youth Taking Action 

Youth taking action is a group of young people that work with the community safety sub-committee to advise them on youth issues, plan and deliver activities for local young people and encourage youth participation in the community. 
Who is Youth Taking Action (YTA) for? 

Youth Taking Action is for Indigenous young people aged 13 - 17 years who are studying, socialising or living in Mount Isa and are interested in creating fun free activities and events free from alcohol and other substances. Events that you can participate in organising include 

  • music events
  • skateboarding workshops and activities
  • art projects
  • music festivals
  • sporting carnivals
  • other projects and events as needed. 
Why should you join YTA?

YTA can help you meet new people and voice your opinion about matters that are important to you. You can help create programs and events that you and you friends want to attend, all the while learning new skills and contributing to a youth friendly community. As an added bonus, you will gain project management experience - and that will look great on your resume for future employers. 

Referral Process 

The referral process is open and individuals can self refer through Centacare NQ.


This program is funded by the Queensland Government and there is no fee for accessing this service. 

Download your application form here. 

For more information please phone 1300 672 273 or visit Centacare at 80 Short Street, Mount Isa. 

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