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Partners In Recovery

Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery (PIR) is a program which aims to better support people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, and their carers and families, by getting services and support from multiple sectors they may come into contact with to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way and promotes a community based recovery model.
Who is eligible to access the service?

A person with a severe and persistent mental health diagnosis who has complex needs can access the service and receive support with housing, income support, disability, education, and employment.

It is generally anticipated the client will be in their mid-twenties and older as there are other services available for younger clients such as Headspace.

Is there a cost to accessing the service?

There is no cost to accessing the PIR program.

How is the program delivered?

Support Facilitators are appropriately skilled and experienced individuals who work with the client to develop a tailored action plan so that the client can reach their perceived goals. The Support Facilitators will better link and coordinate services for the PIR client and avoid duplication of services.

Where is the program available?

PIR services are provided within Central West Queensland, and the North West and Gulf regions.

How do I refer to PIR?

A person can refer themselves. A carer or service provider can also refer to the service with the client’s consent or willingness to participate.

For more information contact the Department of Health.