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Centacare NQ at 2019 Business Professionals Week

25th September 2019

Mental Health first aid is not commonly considered when you think of work place health and safety. Emergency evacuation plans and OH&S initiatives are more widely accepted, despite 1 in 5 Australians experiencing a mental illness.

Centacare North Queensland has taken this on board and now offers Standard Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. 

As an Accredited Standard Mental Health First Aid Facilitator, Centacare NQ Professional Supervisor Michelle Ensor will host a free MHFA information session as part of the Townsville Business Professionals Week 2019.

“I’m looking forward to connecting with the Townsville business community to showcase how beneficial MHFA can be for their organisation and giving leaders confidence that they can support their teams should there be any mental health issues,” Ms Ensor said.

“Research shows that MHFA training in the workplace is associated with improved knowledge of mental illnesses, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies,” Ms Ensor said.

“In the event of an emergency, the safety and well-being of staff is paramount, however what practices are in place for staff if someone attempted suicide on site, are depressed or experience psychotic episode?

“Mental Health First Aid training teaches participants what support to offer in those situations and also decrease the stigma associated to mental health,” Ms Ensor said.

“Just like regular first aid courses don’t teach a person to become a paramedic, a MHFA course is not going to teach your employees to become counsellors or to diagnose an illness. However, it will teach them how to identify signs of depression, anxiety, psychosis or substance abuse and how to talk to someone to encourage someone to access help.”

To attend this information session contact 

Emotional Intelligence For Leaders In The Workplace

Centacare NQ Executive Director Paula Washington will also host an informative session on Emotional Intelligence Leadership in the Workplace on Friday 1 November.

The interactive presentation will provide an overview of key aspects of emotional intelligence and a practical insight into how this can be used to have confident leadership approaches and cultivate increased performance and morale in increasingly diverse and demanding work environments. 

This leading event is essential for Directors, Managers and passionate business owners to put themselves in the lead when it comes to understanding how you and your staff manage emotions, problem solve and build a resilient, productive team to thrive.

Tickets are only $35 per person including breakfast. Doors open at 7.30am with event commencement at 7.45am. 

Click here to book your ticket to this event.

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