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Occupational Therapy for Children

Occupational therapy is an allied health profession that is concerned with supporting people of all ages and abilities to do the things they want and need to do in their daily life as independently as possible through use of meaningful everyday activities that are called ‘occupations’.

For children, important occupations include the ability to learn, play and participate in home, school and community environments.

Seek advice from an Occupational Therapist (OT) if your child is experiencing difficulties with daily activities, such as:

  • Self-care Skills: Challenges in getting dressed independently, going to the toilet or eating a variety of foods.
  • Handwriting and School Skills: Difficulties remembering instructions or maintaining concentration, poor pencil grasp, requires more support than peers to organise themselves and their belongings.
  • Play and Social Skills: Difficulty making and maintaining friendships with other children, limited or restricted play interests, preference for repetitive play
  • Sensory processing: Avoiding (food/textures, messy play) or seeking (sand/water play, very active) sensory play more than children their own age, which is impacting on their well-being and reducing their participation in daily activities.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Concerns with the development of skilled use of their hands and fingers to use toys and tools such as cutlery, a toothbrush, pencil, scissors
  • Gross Motor Skills: Difficulties with balance and coordination required to complete activities such as dressing.

If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to perform daily activities that are impacting on their participation and home, school or in the community and would like to discuss them you may benefit from contacting Centacare North Queensland Occupational Therapy.

Funding Sources


Centacare North QLD is Registered to deliver OT services to children 7 years and older who are Participants of the NDIS.


Chronic Disease Management Plan*

Patients with a chronic medical condition (e.g: that has or is expected to last more than 6 months) may be referred for Occupational Therapy if their GP determines that they are eligible. If eligibility criteria are satisfied, up to five sessions are rebated by Medicare. Please discuss your eligibility for a Chronic Disease Management Plan with your GP.

*Previously Enhanced Primary Care Plan

Referral and Fees

We are able to accept referrals from parents/guardians and health and educational professionals (with parental consent).

For further information regarding our fee structure please contact 1300 NQ CARE.